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    DIY guess who board game: family edition


    this past summer, my husband and i were at a local brewery and came across the nostalgic game from the 90s, guess who?! we had a blast playing. we talked about how hilarious it would be though, to have our own family’s faces on there instead of the original characters! we knew it would be a perfect christmas gift. i could’ve taken the easy route and just bought a new game, replaced the cards, and been on my way. but i knew i could make a pretty version from scratch, and any excuse for a DIY project!

    there were a few hiccups, mostly regarding the hinges, but i think it turned out pretty well, and was a hit at the family’s christmas eve party 🙂

    i used my cricut on this project for three main things: 1) cutting the face stickers, 2) adding the logo to the game board, and 3) adding the logo to the player card bag. but this project is perfectly doable without a cricut if you use a paper cutter and omit the logo 🙂

    here’s what you’ll need:

    • two project panels/plywood/MDF cut to 24″ x 36″ (game board bottoms)
    • 1.5″ x 2″ wooden pieces, i purchased these from amazon
    • dollhouse hinges, i purchased these from amazon
    • gorilla super glue (the one with brush and nozzle)
    • cricut printable sticker paper (or avery brand)
    • cricut or other vinyl cutter (for the logo on the board and player card bag)
    • 6 popsicle sticks
    • home printer
    • permanent vinyl
    • heat transfer vinyl
    • zipper pouch (found mine in the target dollar spot)
    • lots of facebook stalking to obtain embarrassing family/friend photographs

    i started by deciding on spacing of the tiles. lay down your game board (which you can get cut to size from your friendly home depot employees). i had a total of 26 faces, so counted out 26 of the wooden pieces. i played around a little bit until i was happy, and eventually decided on three rows of 9-8-9. this would leave room at the bottom of the board for the logo and player card.

    next is to paint and make everything pretty! i used white, black, and burnt sienna acrylic paint, but obviously you can get creative here and choose your favorite colors.

    to paint the fun modern triangles on the wood pieces, i used masking tape and eyeballed down the middle, then removed after painting the exposed side.

    now for the fun part: stalking down the family and friend pictures for the pieces! once you have them, save them all to a folder. now there are a few ways to remove the background. or if you want to skip this step, you can leave the pictures as is and we will crop them later. i used adobe photoshop, but if you don’t have an adobe subscription, i found this website that does a pretty good job called background burner and is FREE:

    it will ask you to upload your photo, then show you a cheesy ass dragon burning your background away. hey, you can’t beat free. it will then give you three options.

    choose the closest one to what you’re looking to crop. click the button “touch up” to adjust it further.

    use the red minus tool to erase the parts you don’t want. it will automagically find the borders for you, so don’t worry about being too precise. if it crops too much of that handsome face away, use the green plus tool to re-add it.

    click finish when you’re happy with it. then, download it as a PNG with a transparent background. you’ll have to create a bonanza account in order to save them, but like i said, you can’t beat free!

    it’s a time consuming process, but worth it i think for the likeness to the original guess who game. i was cracking up once the thumbnails of everyone’s faces started showing up in my folder.

    okay, time to open up design space and get the face pieces cut!

    for some reason, a rounded rectangle is not an offered shape to draw directly in the program, so i created an svg that is the exact size of the wooden pieces. we’ll be printing and cutting them on sticker paper to easily attach them on top. click below to download the rectangle and upload it into design space.

    make sure the size is correct at 1.35″ x 2″. make a duplicate of the rectangle for the next piece.

    upload your first face. select “complex” as the image type and make sure to save it as a “print then cut” file.

    woohoo! making progress. resize your loved one’s face to fit inside the rectangle.

    add a name beneath the photo in whatever font you like. then select all three layers (rectangle, face, and text), and flatten.

    repeat this step a billion times with each face. to make things easier, duplicate your text and rectangle layers before flattening. this way, you can just type the next name in after uploading the photo.

    once you’re finished all the photos, you’re ready to cut! click “make it” and follow the steps of 1) printing the sheet on your regular home printer, and then 2) loading your sticker paper into the cricut. you’ll need 2 copies total, one for each board.

    when the stickers are done printing and cutting, go back to your canvas, select all your players, and resize them slightly larger. now we’re going to cut the player cards. set your cut setting to regular cardstock this time. if all you have is 12×12 sheets, you will need to cut them down to regular letter size to load them into your printer. follow the same steps as above.

    okay, now it’s time to stick them to the wood pieces! pretty self explanatory.

    next i added the game board logo. i’ve uploaded the svg file below for easy cutting. for the “family edition,” i used the font Suddenly, which is available from creative market here. but you can add whatever font to match your face pieces.

    i cut and weeded this using permanent vinyl and transferred to my boards. i off-centered it to leave room for the card holder.

    starting to really come together! now for adding the hinges. first, lay out your pieces and measure them out to be evenly spaced. i used a piece of masking tape to mark the edges so that it was easy to remove after they were glued.

    we tried many different types of glues here – hot glue, regular gorilla glue, you name it. the one that worked best was gorilla super glue. (shout out to my husband for the many many trials and errors of getting these just right.) this glue has a convenient brush on it to apply directly to the hinge.

    start by peeling up the sticker slightly so that you can hide the hinge underneath it. brush some glue onto the hinge and hold pressure.

    then, brush glue on the opposite side of the hinge, and push it down onto the board, where you measured it.

    aaaand repeat 52 times!

    let the glue dry at least overnight before really flipping those suckers up and down. if you had the patience, you could probably use those itty bitty screws that the hinges came with, but i certainly did not 😉

    almost there! last thing i added was the stand to hold the player card. i used popsicle sticks with the ends cut off (just for aesthetic, you don’t have to trim them). i glued the first one down flat against the board. then, i sandwiched a card between the other two, and glued the two ends.

    i glued them on a slight angle so it was easier to see the card. simply brush some glue in front of the other stick and hold pressure for about 30 seconds.

    last but not least, to finish things off, i used heat transfer vinyl to fancy up the player card bag. i cut the same logo as the board and transferred it with my iron. i tied some leftover christmas ribbon to the zipper to make it cutesy.

    and there you have it!! this sure was a time intensive gift, but i felt like i at least had an audience with 52 faces looking back at me the whole time, lol.

    package her up to make her pretty, and enjoy!

    if you guys enjoyed this tutorial, please take the time to share or leave a comment! plus, i would love to see your finished projects!

    and don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss any future updates 🙂 thanks for reading, catch you next time!