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    christmas cricut diy projects

    DIY modern christmas ornaments with eucalyptus


    ’tis the season for all. of. the. ornaments! i’ve been wanting to try painting with a cricut stencil on the blank ornaments, so i played around a bit yesterday. i love how they turned out! the perfect balance of modern, monochrome, and greenery. you can customize the little letters to spell out names, holiday words, monograms, whatever! i’ve provided the FREE svg file with all the letters in this post. they’re the perfect thickness for easy weeding!

    let’s get started!

    here is our supply list:

    • clear glass ornaments (mine are these from target’s wondershop, only $5.60 for 9 of them!)
    • white acrylic paint
    • paint or foam brush
    • fresh seeded eucalyptus (trader joe’s usually has it, or your local grocery store)
    • cricut or other vinyl cutter
    • removable vinyl, any color
    • christmas ribbon (i used a black velvet and a chevron pattern, also from target)

    first, we’ll cut out our stencils.

    download the free alphabet SVG file here!

    decide which letters you want, keep them, and delete the rest from your cut file. i cut mine at 0.62″ height, but make them as large as you’d like!

    once they’re cut, weed out the LETTERS, so that you’re left with a stencil on your vinyl sheet.

    now to transfer the letters. i used masking tape because i’m running low on transfer paper, but anything will do 🙂

    the KEY to transferring onto a round surface is to cut small slits to allow for more movement.

    you can see here that four slits were cut in the masking tape and stencil. this is to allow any air bubbles to escape through those slits, rather than through the “A”. once your air bubbles are gone, then remove the transfer paper or masking tape. make sure any of the middle spaces (like in the middle of the A) do not come off with your transfer paper.

    use the acyrlic paint to dab onto your stencil. hold it up to a lighted background to ensure full coverage.

    after dabbing enough paint to make sure it is opaque, i did one light brush stroke to the right to give it a more modern finish. i waited a few minutes before removing the stencil. the paint was still tacky at this point. this allows for any small adjustments while it’s still wet. HOWEVER, i recommend waiting longer to remove any inner pieces, such as inside of “A,” “P,” “B,” “R,” etc. they are much easier to smudge.

    after they’re sufficiently dry, it’s time to add the eucalyptus! these espresso cups were the perfect holders during dry time, haha.

    remove the silver caps from the glass balls. start with the stem, then slowly push the eucalyptus down inside. when you get to a leaf, carefully curl it to fit inside the mouth. use a pen if you need to give it some extra oomph.

    once fully inside, i used the cricut tweezers to rearrange the leaves until i was happy with their placement.

    last step is to simply replace the cap and add your ribbon of choice! i tied them in a single knot for a more modern look, but they would also look cute with a bow.

    and voila! hang those bad boys on the tree and enjoy! i got this faux olive tree from world market the other week and its all christmas-ed up now 🙂

    please let me know if you try this project! and don’t forget to subscribe or follow along on instagram so you don’t miss any posts 🙂

    thanks for reading!